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2 Day tour from Marrakech to Zagora

3 day guided tour from Marrakech

3 day desert tour from Marrakech to Fes

4 day Marrakech tour to Merzouga

6 day private tour from Marrakech


3 day Morcoco Tour Merzouga

4 day Morocco desert Tour

5 day Sahara Morocco desert Tour

6 day Private Morocco coast Tour

10 day Fes Grand Morocco Tour


4 day north Morocco Casablanca tour

6 day desert tour from Casablanca

8 day private travel from Casablanca

10 day Atlas & kasbah tour Casablanca

14 day Morocco tour from Casablanca


5 day Private North Morocco Tour  

7 day desert tour from Tangier

8 day Sahara 4x4 tour from Tangier

10 day desert & Atlantic tour Tangier

12 day Grand tour from Tangier

Fes Tannery

is the third largest city of Morocco, with a population of approximately 1 million. Fes was the capital of Morocco until 1925, and is now the capital of the Fès-Boulemane administrative region.

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Marrakech desert tours, Fes to Merzouga trips, Casablanca private excursions

Morocco Camel Trips is expert for Morocco private tours , desert travelling and also private transport in Morocco.

We offer Morocco private tours from main Moroccan cities. We offer custom Morocco guided tours starting from anywhere in Morocco and using comfortable air-conditioned 4x4 vehicles and mini-buses. All our private guides are natives and knowledgeable experienced locals. They speak fluent in English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Berber.

Morocco Camel Trips have many years of experience with tourists visiting Morocco.

If you are planning a vacation, Morocco is perfect place to spend an unforgettable experience. If you have an idea  of exploring the historic imperial cities, hiking the Atlas Mountains, camel trek in the sand dunes of Sahara desert, and  sleeping under Berber tents, exploring Berber villages and visiting Atlantic coast,  we are the right team for you and feel free to contact us anytime.

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3 day desert Tour

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Private desert Tours from Fes

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4 day Morocco Tour

5 day Sahara Tour

6 day desert Tour

10 day Private Tour

Our private custom Morocco private tours and private excursions are suitable for couples, also for independent travellers. We manage tours for women travelling alone, also student tours. Our tours are also suitable for family holidays with children.

Morocco Camel Trips specialize in private guiding, private transportation and accommodation, arranging expeditions throughout Morocco for private clients. We also offer a range of outdoor activities and wilderness adventures for individuals and groups.

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3 day Merzouga Tour

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Private Morocco Tours from Marrakech

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3 day Tour to Fes

4 day Sahara Tour

6 day Morocco Tour

2 day Zagora Tour

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4 day Private Tour

more details ...Private Morocco Tours from Casablanca

6 day desert Tour

8 day Sahara Tour

10 day culture Tour

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14 day Grand Tour

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5 day Private Tour

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7 day Sahara Tour

8 day desert Tour

10 day Morocco Tour

12 day Grand Tour